About Canada Go

Do you want to move to Canada? Learn about immigration to Canada, jobs in Canada, and how to study in the country. Take a quick survey to learn what immigration process fits your needs, find easily what Visa is the one you need to come to Canada to make your dreams come true. Canada Go is an iOS app that will help you find information about how to move permanently or temporary to Canada.


Currently we can't find an App to get information of how to move temporary or permanently to Canada.

People needs an App to get information about what option or visas they need to come temporarily or permanently to Canada.


Non Canadians between 18 to 35 years old willing to immigrate permanently or have an international experience during certain time.

Individuals or Families that want to get a visa in order to work, study or visit Canada. They do research to have information of “how” they can get the permits.

Is an initial step to get to know what options they have. So they do it at least one year before moving.

Basically using their phones while commuting.

Because they need to know how to get the paperwork done.

Candidates need to find information about the options they have to decide if apply for a specific visa or contact an immigration consultant to help them with the papers.


I conducted customer research to drive and validate design decisions. Through conducting five interviews I learned that most students care about a combination of five factors regarding their information search experience.


With the information and insights I get from the interviews I created two Personas that are potential users of the app.
Diego is “The Dreamer” and Jenny is “The Student”.

User Flow

Low Fidelity Prototype

User Testing

After creating the user flows and sketches, I concentrated testing for pain points and usability issues. I facilitated three rounds of usability testing with three to four users each round. I used the data to drive change in each of the three iteractions of our design. I found three main issues:

1. On Boarding Buttons:
The On boarding Screens had two buttons, one to go to “Take the Quiz” and one to go to the following page. That was confusing for the testers because at the end you needed to see all the On Boarding pages before using the app. After the test I decided to have only one “Next button” instead of being to redundant.

2. Navigation:
I did a CARD SORTING to try to organize the navigation and made it as simple as possible. Is a heavy content application that required to minimize it with a 5 items navigation with a submenu in each category.

3. A/B Testing:
When it come to the "Loggin" section I created two different designs, one more clean and one with more color and design. I did test both designs to see which design was more appealing for the users.

High Fidelity Prototypes

Here you have the Invision prototype for Ca'Go! You can start pressing the App Icon and keep going. I hope you enjoy it!

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