About Scavenger Hunt

Eventbase is the leading mobile event technology platform for global brands. Eventbase offers different features on its own cluster app and we wanted to create a Game to be played by the people visiting an event to engage the attendees and create a networking to help growing new business and tightening knots.


The app didn’t have a feature to allow people have fun. So we create a "Gamification" for the App.

We wanted to engage people with something challenging, enjoyable and also give the client the opportunity to give away rewards to the app users.


We created 4 different games and each one has multiple actions to complete by the user. You can have on your app up to 4 games.
Each game has predefined actions associated with it, the user will win points and badges as long as they complete the actions, all this actions are related to the app usage such as “Rate the App” or “Share something via Email”. The main focus was to create small actions to help the user learn about the app and to engage with the event and other attendees.
The game has a leaderboard to show the top point scorers and the client can give away prizes to its discretion.


I conducted customer research to drive and validate design decisions. Through conducting 25 surveys to event attendees I learned that most attendees would like to find characteristics such as "learning" or "fun" on the game. I used the contact database to send by mail this surveys that were approximately 10 minutes to complete.


With the information and insights I get from the surveys I created a few Personas that work in Events and are potencial users of the app.
Meet Zara, The Jack of all Trades.


I mockup over ten screens with the game flows from when the users opens the game until the very end when the user encounters the leaderboard. I did it for both platforms, Android and iOS.

User Testing

Once I had the low fidelity prototypes we did a few meetings with the Product Owner, the CEO and the Senior Designer to go over the project. I got some feedback from this meetings that I implemented to create a better experience.
After this internal revisions it was time for the real testing. A member of the design team and the Customer Success Representative of the company went to join a Congress to Las Vegas to make a quick test to 10 attendees of an event. We asked them to complete a few tasks, we recorded it all and then we collected the data and adjust the feedback of the interviewers to the flows.
Bellow you can find a link to an example of an Invision prototype we use to test the features.

View Prototype

High Fidelity Prototypes

Here you have the prototypes for the Game! You can also see it live downloading the app!